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Pot Belly From Stress Explained

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Do you have a big stomach that seems hard to explain in terms of body fat under the skin?

Recent research into metabolic syndrome, cortisol and obesity is shedding new light on problem fat areas.  One of the latest problem fat areas to come to light is the relationship between the cortisol production and fat storage in the omentum.

A recent study by the Journal of Obesity now identifies a positive correlation between intracellular cortisol and fat storage in the omentum.

The omentum is the membrane that lines your abdominal cavity and covers most of the organs in your abdominal area. covering most of your internal organs forming the lining of your abdominal cavity – the peritoneum.

Apparently, prolonged stress focuses fat storage on the omentum, giving the pot belly or big stomach look, even though subcutaneous fat, (the fat under your skin) may be quite low.