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Exercise Impacts Key Fat Hormone

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Adiponectin is a key hormone involved in blood sugar control and fat metabolism. People with low circulating adiponectin tend to have more body fat.

New research shows acute exercise increases Adiponectin within the muscles.  Even better, exercise tends to have the same effect on Adiponectin regardless of your current physical shape.

Researchers in Denmark studied both overweight and athletic subjects who exercised for 1hour at 55% of maximum oxygen uptake capacity. The research show acute exercise increases Adiponectin concentration in the muscles equally among both athletes and overweight subjects.

This study once again demonstrates the weight loss and fat burning effects induced by exercise.

Rule of Thumb: 1 hour of moderate exercise increases Adiponectin which promotes fat burning and glucose balance.

Acute exercise increases adipose tissue interstitial adiponectin concentration in healthy overweight and lean subjects

Lise Højbjerre, Mary Rosenzweig, Flemming Dela, Jens M Bruun1 and Bente Stallknecht