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Frequent Eating and Weight Gain Pre and Post Menopause

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If you are post menopause and worried about your weight, you may try not eating as frequently. This is the conclusion of a study from The Department of Nutrition and Dietetics from Harokopio University in Greece.

The study examined 65 pre-menopausal women and 50 postmenopausal women to see if eating frequency was associated with weight gain.

In the pre-menopausal women, there was no association to eating frequency weight gain while the post-menopause women; eating frequency was shown to be a good predictor of weight gain.

While this study definitely brings up a topic worth keeping an eye on, it also leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Generally, more frequent, smaller meals are a good way to increase your weight loss. I think what this study points to is something touched on in the forums, which is physiological decline and weight gain.

The study shows only a correlation with menopause. It does not make clear that age related physiological decline unrelated to menopause may or may not be the cause. As we age, our production of energy at the cellular level wanes. This happens apart from menopause.

Also, there are other factors to consider. It may simply be that younger women have a more physically active lifestyle. There may even be cultural dietary differences at play.

This will be an interesting topic to keep bringing back as more data comes about.