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Repeated Cycles of Weight Gain and Loss predispose you towards obesity

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2 recent studies presented in the International Journal of Obesity appear show that cycling weight gain and weight loss seems to result in a predisposition towards weight gain and cardiovascular disease. The first study is a compilation of surveys from athletes over a 20 year period. The second study examines the affects of repeated weight gain and loss in adolescents, particularly young women. In the first study, the Body Mass Index (the ratio of fat to muscle) is tracked over 20 years and seems to strongly indicate that chronic dieting is harmful to permanent weight control.

The second study tracks a number of biomarkers such as blood pressure, heart rate, blood glucose and lipids, resulting from weight loss dieting. Of particular interest are overshoots of these biomarkers, (basically the bounce backs we talk about) far above normal values during periods of weight gain. Overtime, the overshoots of these biomarkers appear to stress the cardiovascular system and predispose the body to cardiovascular disease.

In summary, repeated weight gain and weight loss hard wires you towards obesity!