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Diet Pills: The Healthy Fitness Perspective

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A cornerstone of LookCut's Healthy Fitness approach to weight loss recognizes the fact that many weight loss tactics often produce short-term weight loss and long-term weight gain.

At the top of the list for weight loss strategies that can yield short term weight loss and long term weight gain are diet pills.

The vast majority of diet pills stimulate adrenergenic activity in order to cause you to burn more energy.  This simply means these pills stimulate key receptors for adrenaline and noradrenalin. This can facilitate weight loss in the short term.

In the long term, sustained stimulation of adrenergenic receptors causes what is known as receptor attenuation. Simply put, you get better at getting fatter.

The true barriers to long term weight loss are feeding behavior, aging and metabolic damage. Diet pills address none of these issues in a positive way. In fact, they contribute negatively toward all 3 when used improperly.

LookCut’s Healthy Fitness approach is not necessarily against diet pills, only their improper use.  First, let’s understand the right way to use diet pills.


LookCut’s Healthy Fitness approach to weight loss avoids short-term behaviors that create long-term weight loss problems.  The Healthy Fitness approach to diet pill use minimizes the long term drawbacks of diet pills by restricting their use to the following situation.

The Last 5 Pounds:
The best and most proper use of diet pills is at the very end of a weight loss program, not the beginning. The basic idea here is this…

If your diet is not right, it’s not right to use diet pills.
Diet pills can be a nice tool to help you whittle down that last 5 pounds of stubborn fat.  The idea here is that you have lost 90% of the weight you set out to lose WITHOUT diet pills.

Many diet pills stimulate brown fat burning via beta adrenergenic receptor activity.  This means they certainly don’t hurt when it comes to getting the really stubborn fat to burn. The easy way to think of this..

Save the diet pill use for when you are down to the brown fat.

Key points

-    Your use is short term, 3 weeks at most, not continuous
-    You have already lost your weight. You are not using diet pills to for weight loss, more as a big gun for stubborn fat.
-    If you diet is not right, it’s not right to use diet pills.

The use of diet pills in this way recognizes the simply truth that diet pills are a tool to be carefully and properly used, not a weight loss panacea.

Now that you understand how to correctly use diet pills, let’s expand the scope to include the improper use.

Simply put, the improper use of diet pills is for the vast majority of your weight loss.

Whatever blow that may be to a significant portion of the weight loss industry, the intractable truth is diet pills that stimulate adrenergenic activity produce receptor attenuation within as little as 14 days.  This means taking diet pills for extended periods does not help with weight loss and in fact, may promote long term weight gain via reduced adrenal receptor activity.

Again, the real barriers to long term weight loss are feeding behavior, aging, and metabolic damage. Let’s look at sustained use of diet pills for each of these critical factors

Feeding Behavior: Long term use of diet pills does not improve feeding behavior patterns in a healthy way. In fact it may create a feeding behavior backlash by up regulation of key hormones involved in hunger.

Aging: Long term use of diet pills does not help you age slower. In fact, an argument can be made long term use of diet pills creates an accelerated form of aging through adrenal fatigue and strain on the heart and cardiovascular system.

Metabolic Damage: Long term use of diet pills does not mitigate metabolic damage, and in fact may promote it due to desensitization of key receptors.

Finally, the Healthy Fitness use of diet pills recognizes the fact that diet pills INCREASE blood pressure and heart rate. 

Individuals with elevated blood pressure or heart issues have no business using diet pills.

For this reason, the proper use of diet pills requires a consultation with your doctor prior to use. 

It may seem like a bit much, but if you have a family history of heart disease or high blood pressure, why take any unnecessary risks? We don't put appearance before true long term health so get the data on your heart and blood pressure from your doctor before using diet pills.