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Excess Pregnancy Weight Increases Risk of Long Term Weight Gain

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I Gaining too much weight during pregnancy predisposes women towards long term weight problems..

A follow up study from Karolinska University Hospital recently reports on 483 women 15 years after childbirth.

The data from the study shows that women who gain excessive weight during pregnancy consistently show more body fat and greater weight later in life over women who’s pregnancy weight was within recommended guidelines

Interestingly, this report follows up a similar report from the same group 3 years earlier that established being overweight before pregnancy did not predispose you towards weight gain later in life, only excessive weight gain during pregnancy.

Rule of thumb here, if you want to be lean and fit for life after pregnancy, keep the weight gain within doctor recommended guidelines.

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Obesity Unit, Huddinge University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden.

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Obesity Unit, Karolinska University Hospital, Huddinge, SE-141 86 Stockholm, Sweden.