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Exercise Without Weight Loss is Still Pretty Good

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Weight loss without exercise is definitely possible. Check out the VEEP Diet to learn more. 

However, if you are plugging away on the treadmill and the scale won't budge, take heart. A new study out of Canada from the Dept of Human Health and Nutritional Services looks at the effect of exercise on key bio-markers WITHOUT any corresponding weight loss. 

Since our focus here is longevity based fitness, this article is of particular interest. The study looks at the affect of exercise on biomarkers for chronic inflammation and type 2 diabetes. Chronic inflammation is one of the major correlates behind prematurely wearing out your physiology.

The study focused on 24 middle aged men: 8 obese, 8 lean, and 8 obese with type 2 diabetes. The men were put on a 12 week exercise regimen and monitored for key inflammatory and type 2 diabetes markers such as circulating interleukin and waist circumference.

The results of the study demonstrated a marked decrease in both waist circumference and circulating interleukin levels for all 3 subject groups. There was, however, NO loss in body weight among the subjects.

The moral of the story here is that exercise has both weight and body fat reduction benefits, AND longevity and health benefits. The longevity benefits from exercise are not always visible, particularly if you focus on scale weight. This study demonstrates that scale weight is simply one way to measure the benefits of exercise. Even if you don't always see the weight loss, understand the biological conditions that lead to long-term weight gain are mitigated when you exercise.