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It's Official: Stomach Lipo Makes Breasts Bigger

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It’s official, stomach lipo makes breasts bigger.

40% of patients receiving lipo of the abdominal wall experience spontaneous breast enlargement.  This is the conclusion of a retrospect study from the Leeuwarden Medical Center in the Netherlands.

The retrospect study compared the medical records 84  recipients of tumescent abdominal liposuction  with 104 recipients of an abdominoplasty, commonly called a tummy tuck.

48% of the liposuction recipients reported a post operation increase in breast size. Of the 48%, 19 were confirmed with an increase of at least 1 bra cup size.

When compared to the abdominoplasty recipients, 21 percent reported increased breast size but this was only confirmed in only 4 of the 22 respondents.

In short, if you are going for abdominal liposuction, you have a 40% or better chance of moving up at least 1 cup size.