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Weight Loss in Men Improves Gonad Function

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A new study shows that a bonus from weight loss in men is better for reproductive health, among other things…

The University of Sydney has published a report that links weight loss in men with improved gonad function.  This is fairly significant when you consider gonad function in men affects.

-sex drive
-testosterone production

The study examines the correlation between obesity, metabolic syndrome, sleep apnea, and poor gonad function. A previous report published in 2005 from Penn State College linked sleep apnea to metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance.

Here is what really stands out from this study. Taken with the other article today on LookCut regarding Low Testosterone correlating with excess body fat, and previous studies linking metabolic syndrome with sleep apnea, you have to give serious credence to the notion that being overweight is a state of accelerated metabolic decline.

In this state of accelerated metabolic decline, we see the major endocrine pathways such as testosterone and insulin literally begin to turn themselves off.

I make this point because the popular idea that you should be okay with your weight is seriously misguided from a metabolic and physiological point of view.  It is an accelerated state of decline and the studies you see on LookCut today support this.

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