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Resistance Training, Weight Loss and Insulin Sensitivity

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Low insulin sensitivity is the enemy of weight loss. Strengthening the muscles may help weight loss by helping your insulin sensitivity.

Low insulin sensitivity means your body does not easily absorb carbohydrates into your cells to be utilized as energy. This results in chronic storage of ingested carbohydrates to fat. Additionally, low insulin sensitivity causes chronic over production of insulin, which is associated to inflammation, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.  Resistance training and muscle strengthening may ultimately help your weight loss goals by virtue of the mounting evidence that strength training and muscle strengthening helps with insulin sensitivity.

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control examined 4,504 adults. It was found that those who did muscle strengthening and resistance training had better insulin sensitivity than those who did not.

The study concluded that increasing muscle strengthening may be an effective way to deal with the problem of low insulin sensitivity.

Rule of thumb, get some weights or bands or a good trainer and gym membership and start strength training. You will help your weight loss efforts by virtue of greater insulin sensitivity.