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Diet Pills Skyrocket Among Teens

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The results of a 6 year study of 2516 adolescents indicates that kids are resorting to unhealthy weight management in record numbers.

Project EAT 2 followed the adolescents as they went from middle school to through high school. Of note was the high proportion of overweight children, averaging 28.5 percent for boys and girls. More shocking was the percent of female subjects engaging in quick fix behaviors for their weight. The number went from 48.6% to 58.8% as the girls went from middle to late adolescence. Even more interesting was that 23% of females engaged in some for of extreme weight control, such as binging and purging.

One of the other stories we are running today refers to how periodic weight gain and loss hardwires you to be obese in your later years. When you combine that fact with this story, what is apparent is that we have not even begun to see the full impact of the obesity problem in America. An entire generation of children are literally programmed to be fat in their later years.

The reason our focus at LookCut is longevity based, is precisely because what we need are solutions that work over the long haul. I will be the first to admit our target demographic is people over 30, which is ironic because the people that can most benefit from the message we have here are young people.

If you are a parent reading this, here is some practical advice.

The modern food supply has flavor sensations that have never existed in human history. These flavor sensations are as powerful as opiates. In our modern society, the pleasure response to food is WAY out of control precisely because we have foods that are far more pleasurable than anything nature has equipped us to handle. You have to stock your home with foods that are predominately fresh and whole, foods that exist in nature. To that end here are a few practical suggestions.

--Eliminate flavor drinks as much as you can. Most kids are utterly addicted to some kind of regular flavor drink. These drinks predispose our kids towards hyperinsulemia and obesity.

--Eliminate foods that come in a box as much as you can. If it comes in a box, there is a flavor scientist behind it, working 24/7 to make sure it tastes addictively good. A regular diet of foods that come packaged in a box is not only unhealthful; it's highly addictive due to the TYPEered flavor component.

--Get your kids taking a good EFA product on a regular basis. One of the munch drivers most kids suffer from is an imbalance of good fats to super sugars. If you cut down on the super sugars and up the essential fats, the sugar cravings go way down. Try something like Udo's oil on your kids dinner salad if they don't want to take a supplement.