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Anti-Oxidant Intake Helps Prevent Muscle Wasting

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One of the contributing factors to age related weight gain is age related muscle wasting.  Accordingly, retaining your skeletal muscle can help your retain your lean figure as you get older.

A new study out of Quebec examines the role of anti-oxidant intake on early onset Sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is a condition affecting the elderly that involves wasting of muscle mass

It was theorized that higher intakes of vitamins A, C, E and Selenium would be help slow or prevent muscle wasting. The results of the study show a positive correlation between higher intakes of anti-oxidants and muscle retention.

The study also showed that a higher protein intake may also contribute towards prevention of muscle wasting.

Rule of Thumb – Start downing them Green’s and get adequate protein.

Relationship between antioxidant intakes and class I sarcopenia in elderly men and women.
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