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Spot Fat Accumulation Reversed by Exercise

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Trans fats cause belly fat storage even at low calories. Exercise can reverse the damage.

Recently we profiled how trans fats cause you to gain fat in problem areas even without overeating.

High intake of trans fats impairs insulin signaling in areas of problem body fat. Impaired local insulin signaling causes excess local deposition of fat. ,i.e., problem areas. You can call this phenomena insulin stimulated fat compartmentalization.

A new study from Cal State Northridge reveals that periodic exercise training reverses the insulin signaling impairment associated with fat storage in problem areas.

This study brings to light the unique challenge of overcoming problem fat areas. Impaired insulin signaling in problem will create a situation where you always tend to store energy as fat in those areas.

This study is the first of its kind that indicates impaired insulin signaling in local areas can be reversed, which means that if you have problem areas you can’t seem to lose, you probably have to exercise to have any chance of losing those areas. Diet alone will not suffice.

Rule of Thumb: To lose fat in problem areas, cut simple sugars, trans fats and ad exercise.

Exercise reverses high-fat diet-induced impairments on compartmentalization and activation of components of the insulin-signaling cascade in skeletal muscle

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