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Body Weight Linked to Incontinence in Women

Women who tend to weigh more may be at higher risk for urinary incontinence later in life. The findings from a new study indicate that women who have a higher body mass ...More on the article
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2008 September

Weight Loss News

New Binge Eating Research Validates LookCut Method Approach

Sep 30th, 2008, by Joel Greene

Researchers at the University of Princeton Department of Psychology have established a link to binge eating and the combination of sugar and fat in mice.

The combination of sugar and fat to... More on the article

Maternal Smoking May Promote Eating Disorders In Children

Sep 30th, 2008, by Joel Greene

Smoking during pregancy may predispose children to eating disorders.  A recent study shows that mothers who smoke tend to have cord blood with higher concentrations of the hormone leptin.

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Health And Longevity News

Blueberries May Prevent Bone Loss in Women.

Sep 30th, 2008, by Joel Greene

Blueberries may be a new ally in the war on osteoporosis. A new study analyzed the effect of a diet rich in blueberries on a  population of rats who had their ovaries removed to simulate menop... More on the article

Obscure Vegetable Oil Reduces LDL

Sep 30th, 2008, by Joel Greene

Echium Oil is an oil extracted from plants in the forget-me-not family of plants. New research validates Echium Oil reduces  serum tryglicerides and inhibits fat production in the liver

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