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Central midsection fat represents unique challenges. Your fat in the midsection is doesn't fit the old school rules for fat loss.

Fat in the midsection also presents a higher risk for metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

Here you will find the worlds most advanced techniques for losing belly fat, the exclusive LookCut Approach.
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Specific Techniques for targetting belly fat.

The circulatory secret behind midsection fat.

How damaged fat cells promote midsection weight gain.

Specific foods that target belly weight gain

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The very latest research into belly fat shatters long held ideas regarding losing belly fat.

New research into belly fat indicates that poor circulatoin to the belly region may be at the heart of weight loss difficulty and weight.

While no one else is talking about this, the LookCut approach draws from the latest research to create an approach to belly fat weight loss that incorporates hypoxia of belly fat cells as a central cause of belly fat weight gain.
Pot Belly From Stress Explained How stress can give you a pot belly.

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Phosphatidylcholine Injections Shrink Belly Fat Does Phosphatidylcholine work? The answer may stun you.