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We are building a community where people make permanent change.

Weight loss is hard. Permanent change is harder still. You need the right approach, the right information, the right tools and the right support. Here is how LookCut can help you attain the permanent change you are seeking.

The Right Approach to Weight Loss
There is a right way to lose weight. There is also a wrong way to lose weight.

Many weight loss programs focus on the wrong way to lose weight. These strategies work in the short term, but you always gain the weight back. Why? Because long term weight loss must deal with the long term reasons why we gain weight.

LookCut gives you an "approach" to weight loss deals with the long term reasons why we gain weight - The LookCut Approach. It's a way for everyone to look "cut" for life. We address the real reasons for weight gain - processed food, metabolic damage, aging, and long periods of life where you can't eat right or exercise.

The Right Expertise and Information
After 30 years of being devoted to being lean, something I am very passionate about is helping people understand the difference between true expertise at losing weight and "weight loss spam".

There is an epidemic of "weight loss spam" on the web.
Many of the top references online for weight loss are the product of domain name speculators and marketers, not people who are true experts at losing weight and staying lean.

LookCut is a "safe harbor" from all the weight loss spam. Only the best information from the worlds best weight loss experts makes it up here on LookCut. It's not enough to have a medical credential, the experts here at LookCut live it out in practice. True experts at weight loss know the science but walk the talk. Period.

The Right Tools
Permanent change requires the right tools. Think of LookCut as your weight loss toolbox. We have the right tools to jumpstart your weight loss and help you learn how to stay lean forever.

The Right Support
Permanent change requires being surrounded by people who are winning the battle. By coming to LookCut, you are part of a team of people who are making weight loss permanent. I'm very excited for the next few months. We are rolling out more tools to help you connect to all the success stories here at LookCut. Stay tuned.