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A new frontier of longevity research is changing our understanding of weight loss and weight control.

Aging well and permanent weight loss go together. The LookCut approach emphasizes a longevity focus for life long weight loss.
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Eat less, age better.
The easiest way to ad a few years to your life is to eat less. The reason is fairly simple. Food is foreign to your body. Much like the engine of a car that runs gasoline and by doing so creates wear and tear,the simple act of eating creates wear and tear on yourbody. Eating less slows the rate of wear and tear.

Whole Foods and aging.
New research indicates rich foods deactivate the bodies controls over food intake, resulting in runaway eating patterns.

Whole food behaves differently. With whole food, the bodies natural controls over energy intake kick in to tell you to stop eating.

Rich food is also associated with a condition known as post-prandial dysmetabolism, essentially an accelerated state of cellular oxidation (aging) after eating.

When you consider the effect rich food has on eating behavior and cellular oxidation, it's clear that rich food clearly promotes a shorter lifes span.

For both longevity and weight loss, whole foods, that is foods that are minimally processed will aid to you eat less and live longer.
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Mitochondria, energy and weight loss

Mitochondria are the tiny powerplants within each cell that convert sugar into energy. Each cell has over 1000 mitochondria when you are young, but less than half that number by the time you are 50.

As we age, mitochondria become both less numerous and less efficient.This means your body produces less energy and your metabolism slows. Preventing mitochondrial decay is critical to both longevity and sustained weight loss

Preventing Mitochondria Decay

Eat less: Eating less reduces the rate of mito decay.
Exercise: Exercise increases mito production
Take Resveratol: Resveratol prevents mito decay.
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Inflammation, longevity and weight loss

Inflammation plays a critical role in both how well you age and how much you weigh.

Chronic inflammation is the result of Oxidative Stress. Your body has a cluster of key enzymes - superoxide dimustase, catylase, and glutathione peroxidase - that reduce compounds such as free radicals which cause your cells to rust.

Oxidative Stress occurs when you introduce more oxidative compounds than your body can handle. This promotes a state of chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation causes both accelerated aging and poor glucose metabolism - in short, inflammation makes you old and fat.

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The Top Superfood Groups

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Berry fruits


Tree nuts

Grass fed proteins

Flavenoid rich foods (chocolate, soy isolate, black tea)
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Probiotics and weight loss - the connection between obesity and but flora

New research indicates a connection between intestinal bacteria and obesity and weight gain.

Gram negative bacteria living in the gut promote inflammation and consequently weight gain.

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Insulin and weight loss - the weight loss master hormone.

The most powerful hormone controlling your weight is insulin.

When insulin function is compromised, you gain weight easily and have difficulty with weight loss

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