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Dozens of different diets will induce weight loss, but weight loss does not automatically solve the barriers to weight control.

The LookCut Approach defines the key problem - the barriers to life long weight control. Once you understand what these barriers are, you now have a framework to evaluate any diet system.
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The body has no natural controls to inhibit intake of rich food.
New research confirms that rich food creates a runaway train effect on eating behavior. This effect is hormonal in nature. No way of eating for life can possibly be successful unless it accounts for this problem since eating rich food is inevitable and eating rich food creates compulsive eating.

Repeated weight loss promotes weight gain
New research confirms that repeatedly gaining and losing weight promotes long term weight gain. Further, many weight loss methods, particularly those that rely on strict portion control or very low calories actually promote weight gain over the long term.

Age and Metabolic Damage
With age, the bodies ability to convert food to energy can become physically damaged. Metabolic damage refers to physical damage to the bodies ability to use food for energy and maintain its weight. Insulin resistance, damaged fat cells and leptin resistance are all forms of metabolic damage that affect many individuals seeking to control their weight

Off seasons are unavoidable
Modern life is full of tasks and short on time. Over the long term it is normal to spend long periods 'out of it' in terms of diet and exercise. These periods are where all the weight gain occurs, rich food intake increases and metabolic damage happens at an accelerated pace.
For the first time you have a framework to evaluate any methodology of eating.

The LookCut Approach defines the true barrers to life long weight loss or weight control.

Here we review the top diets and analyze each for it's effectiveness at dealing with the true barriers to life long weight control.
The South Beach Diet
The South Beach Diet emphasizes insulin control and controlling intake of bad fats.

Here is what it gets right and also what is missing

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The Atkins Diet
The Atkins diet is the father of the 'bad carbs' craze.

Here we analyze the Atkins Diet so you understand how 'bad carbs' are part of a bigger picture

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The Mediterranean Diet
The Mediterranean Diet emphasizes the beneficial effect of healthy fats in the diet.

Learn how this sound strategy works in practice.

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There is a paradox about weight loss and it's effect on weight control.

Many types of diets can induce weight loss but hurt the bodies ability to control its weight.

Diet methods that damage weight control

Very low calorie diets

Strict portion control

Perodic lack of satiety or fullness

Diets high in processed food.
The Zone Diet
The Zone Diet emphasizes the hormonal influence of different ratio's of nutrient.

Here we review this very important idea to see
where the Zone Diet gets it right and what's missing.

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The Paleolithic Diet
The Paleolithic Diet emphasizes eating patterns that mimic what humans have eaten for thousands of years.

Does the Paleolithic Diet hold up to the modern world? Here we review this exceptional diet for both it's strengths and weaknesses..

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