I am the worst when it comes to eating my veggies, and BodyGlo has really come through for me. I noticed a healthier appearance in my hair, skin and nails. And it tastes good!
Page La Pierre Racine, Wisconsin

Body Glo is also the tastiest superfood I have used, and it greatly aids in my recovery after workouts. I have not been hungry and have not had the huge mood-swings I usually experience when I clean up my diet and resume an exercise program. I am a real person with real results, and can't wait to give you more good news about my progress next week!
Kim Clevenger, Kansas City Missouri

I've had recovery drinks before, but I really thought BodyGlo was an excellent product. I experimented with BodyGlo, using it after a workout, and going without it after a workout. I definitely felt better after taking BodyGlo. And it was pleasant tasking.
Meegan King Los Angeles, California

I love BodyGlo. My body started craving it after a few days. My hair and skin changed. My hair grew faster, my makeup looked great on my skin, and I received extra complements from a number of people.
Tyana Alvarado Miami, Florida

I cannot tell you guys how much healthier I feel than before. I have lost 13 lbs. so far and have also lost 3.2 inches off of my waistline! Not only that but I feel healthier. Friends have even told me how much more energetic I seem and just positive in everything I do. It's amazing!
Ria M.

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