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A new paradigm. A revolutionary smart technology. Permanent weight control.
How VEEP's adaptive logic does
what meal plans and diets can't.
Visual portions crush counting
and keeping track.
Your unique customized profile for
maximum energy and weight loss.


THE fundamental question.

VEEP shows you exactly what to eat in powerful visuals.

All the hard stuff is done for you. Functional food combinations,
portions, meal timing, even specific food patterns
to prevent weight regain, all reduced down to seeing it
on the plate.


Learn them visually.

5 years from now you won't be counting calories and
weighing portions every day. It's not sustainable. You know

With VEEP you don't have to.

You learn your portions visually, a far more powerful and
effective method than trying to count and track the rest of
your life.


The off track problem.

Weight loss systems based on tracking
can't help you when you are off track, which
for most people, is most of the time!

VEEP is built on the idea we spend most
of our time off track.

VEEP adapts when you get off track. Going
out this weekend? VEEP adapts dynamically
so you can enjoy a night out and maintain
your weight.


Functional food combining.

In 2009 we introduced VEEP University. Now, you can
become a VEEP Certified Master of Functional Food

VEEP teaches you how to unlock the power of real food for
functional effects. Learn how to time, combine and
manipulate the properties of real food to master your weight.


How you eat is about
who you are.

Simplistic one-size-fits-all meals systems try to lure you into
the mistaken notion that everyone should eat the same way.

Yet if you think about it, the right diet for a post menopause
woman looks nothing like the right diet for a 30 something
man or a young mom.

VEEP draws from over 3,000 studies, the very latest of
the emerging body of research
to match your body to the
right foods and meal patterns with research proven effects.
Nothing else compares.


Get past "So 10 years ago"
weight loss.

Glycemic index, tracking calories, tracking meals. It's all so 10
years ago.

VEEP is the worlds most advanced weight control system, based
on the new picture emerging in the most current research, a
picture where specific foods exert specific effects apart from glycemic
index or calories.

While simplistic meal systems and meal trackers are still stuck in
the past, the revolution is underway. A smart adaptive system
based on visuals where you learn how to use real food.


VEEP is affordable.

VEEP is $14.95 per month, billed quarterly. Stop when you
like. Over 6 months you would spend $89.70 and you would
learn how to use food FOREVER. Would you be willing to
spend that to get your weight under control forever? You
could spend more on diet pills and pre packaged meals and
learn nothing.

VEEP is a better deal.

Don't get suckered in with simplistic free plans that
charge you hundreds in upsells. VEEP is straight
forward. One price. Everything included.

VEEP flat out works.

VEEP does things that have never been done before.
It's years ahead of everything else. Employees at the
worlds largest companies and cities already know
this. It's your turn now. Get started. Today. Here. Now.

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